Author: Jessica Canavan

LIVE REPORT: Luna Sea – “The Anniversary” [BUDOKAN]

  Luna Sea. It is a very simple name for a very talented band. The band formed in 1986 in Kanagawa Prefecture. There are five members: J (bassist, guitar, vocals), Inoran (guitar, vocals), Shinya (drums, vocals), Sugizo (guitar, violin, vocals), and Ryuichi (vocals, guitar). For anyone who has even dipped their toe into the Visual Kei scene, the name Luna Sea will ring a bell. The reason for this being the extremely important role Luna Sea played in helping build the basic foundations for the Visual Kei subgenre of rock. Though the band formed nearly three decades ago and the Visual Kei scene has shifted and changed significantly over the years, the staying power of Luna Sea is still tremendous.  It...

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LIVE REPORT: Kra – “SHINJUKU LOFT KABUKI-CHO 18TH ANNIVERSARY master+mind ~Sense of Pulse #14~” [Shinjuku LOFT]

It was 6:00 p.m. on a Thursday night. The first half of the work week had passed and the Thursday work day had finished. During the day the men and women of the Tokyo City area had packed themselves into overstuffed trains as they headed off to work, likely donned in full business attire, even as the sun got hotter and the days more and more humid. In the day the people of Tokyo go about their roles in life: worker, student, homemaker, and a variety of other job or work related titles. It is really only at night...

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Yoshiki Donates $25,000 USD to Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

On Thursday, August 31st, Japanese musician Yoshiki, of X-Japan fame, posted to his official Instagram that he made a $25,000 donation toward helping the city of Houston after it was hit by Hurricane Harvey on August 25th.  He also wrote a more informative message to accompany the image above:  Yoshiki has held a love for America ever since being inspired by the rock band KISS and has worked closely with numerous American musicians and artists since the 1990s. That love for America and desire to help out those in need led to the creation of Yoshiki Foundation America, which is a non-profit charity based organization that was formed by Yoshiki in California in 2010. The organization has...

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Members of SuG Release Comments Concerning the Indefinite Hiatus

Earlier this week, we were met with the sad news of SuG’s indefinite hiatus. Below are translations of the comments that were released by the members. All the things that I could and couldn’t do, I did them all. But, I couldn’t protect SuG. I apologise to everyone and at the at the same time, I feel utterly disappointed at my own helplessness. Meeting the members of SuG was everything to me, for I did not hold a single wish in this life. If I had never met my band members, all of the fans, and all of the...

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