Author: Jessica Canavan

Members of SuG Release Comments Concerning the Indefinite Hiatus

Earlier this week, we were met with the sad news of SuG’s indefinite hiatus. Below are translations of the comments that were released by the members. All the things that I could and couldn’t do, I did them all. But, I couldn’t protect SuG. I apologise to everyone and at the at the same time, I feel utterly disappointed at my own helplessness. Meeting the members of SuG was everything to me, for I did not hold a single wish in this life. If I had never met my band members, all of the fans, and all of the...

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SERAPH Nico Nico Broadcast on Saturday, July 29th

The debut of “SERAPH,” a solo project by Shinya of DIR EN GREY fame! Along with the confirmation of a special program. Shinya, the drummer for DIR EN GREY, one of the most representative Japanese rock band in the world, has launched his solo project “SERAPH”. Ahead of their debut single “Génesi”, which will be released on Friday, August 18th, a special program will be broadcasted on Nico Nico Live on Saturday, July 29th. Shinya will appear as the host of the program and will talk about their music, the story of their formation, the future of the project,...

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  The Tokyo and Yokohama area was greeted to downpour rain and storm level winds on June 21st, the last day of the MUCC 20th Anniversary Live. However, the unpleasant weather did not stop MUCC fans from packing themselves into the Budokan venue. The venue was large, but the circular shape of it and the leveled seating gave the feeling of closeness and intimacy. The area designated on the ground floor for the mosh pit further increased this feeling, as the fans gathered around each other in excitement. As the fans continued to come into the venue, light rock...

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RAINDIA is still a fairly new visual kei band that formed in 2014. The band consists of five members: Ken Miyoshi (Vocalist), Takahiro (Guitar), S (Guitar), Ryu (Bass), and Tsubasa (Drums). They held a live concert at Ikebukuro Edge on Saturday, February 25th. The Ikebukuro Edge venue was very small and intimate. The band could clearly see the audience and the audience could clearly see the band, even from the back of the venue. This allowed for easy fan interaction, which occurred often during the course of the live. Before the live began, the crowd relaxed and chatted on...

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LIVE REPORT: A9 – “IDEAL HORIZON” [Shinjuku ReNY] April 12th

  A large, diverse group of fans was packed tightly, though comfortably, into the Shinjuku ReNY venue on April 12th for the A9 (formerly Alice Nine) IDEAL HORIZON LIVE. Small chandeliers hung from the ceiling, shining brightly down on the fans waiting below. As the band took to the stage, the lights dimmed and then extinguished, only to be replaced by an array of colorful and vibrant glowing. The glowing came from the light up bands that the fans wore around their wrists, with each color representing a different band member. White was for Shou (vocalist), red was for...

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