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Smileberry Announce New Members, Free Live Tour and New Single

A while back, the band made the sad announcement that 3 members of Smileberry would make their departure. Yuna (bass), Paru (guitar) and Charlie (drums) left the band after their live on May 31st, 2017. Soon after, the band announced that on July 1st, 2017, new members would be announced.  And they did! NoA has joined as their bassist, and Rio on drums. Not only did the band gain new members,  but they also will have a free live tour in August. They will also release their single “絶対LOVER” (Zettai LOVER) on August 9th, 2017. Check out their video...

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Solo project for Aki (Sadie)

After their live on 21st September 2015, the well-known visual kei band Sadie went on hiatus. Mao (vo) and Mizuki (gu) formed a new unit, The Thirteen and Tsurugi (gu) joined the new band RAZOR. So far, Aki (ba) participated in a session band and has now announced his solo project, “Axessory”. At the moment there isn’t much information available. However, he has opened an official twitter account and a homepage! You can find the homepage here: Follow them on twitter: We’re excited to see what Aki has in store for all of us!     Source:

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Matenrou Opera EU Tour Cancelled

We have sad news for the European Matenrou Opera fans – the band announced on their official homepage that the tour in Europe this summer has been cancelled. Due to concerns of public safety within Europe, and the circumstances of their promoter, that the tour has been cancelled. The result of various meetings was to put the safety of the band, staff members and attendees first. They have stated that it was a bitter decision to make. For anyone who has bought a ticket for one or more of the shows, please make sure to keep your ticket until the official announcement has...

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Are you ready to make this summer hotter with good music? If you’re a fan of NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST and are in Japan during August or September 2017, you can join in on their tour. Here are some details to help plan your time: Live schedule: TOUR OF GEHENNA 17-18 Pre-sale ¥4,000(tax inc./plus drink fee) Door tickets: ¥4,500(tax inc./plus drink fee) 2017.08.11 Tokyo SHIBUYA CLUB QUATTRO open: 5:30 pm / start 6:00 pm 2017.08.19 Kashiwa PALOOZA open 5:30 pm /start  6:00 pm 2017.08.20 Saitama HEAVEN’S ROCK  VJ-3 open 5:30 pm /start  6:00 pm 2017.08.25 Sapporo cube garden open 6:00 pm /start 6:30 pm 2017.08.26 Sapporo cube garden open 5:30 pm...

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