Author: Shira Shuval

Event Report: Women’s Pro Wrestling [Ryogoku]

  We’ve all heard of people coming to Japan and teaching English or practicing martial arts. Maybe you even know someone in the US navy that’s stationed there; but what you may not know is that women’s pro-wrestling in Japan is considered one of the best in the world, which brings a few international fighters into the ring. In a small hall on the 3rd floor of a building in Ryogoku, chaos and ass kicking is about to ensue. A crowd of mainly middle aged men and women have gathered to watch four matches – three single matches; one...

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LIVE REPORT: the GazettE – 15th Anniversary – DAINIPPON ITANGEISHA「BOUDOUKU GUDON NO SAKURA」[Yoyogi National Stadium]

As the crowd of eager fans gather quickly in Yoyogi Stadium, there is a strong foreign presence. The sound of Limp Bizkit was loudly playing over the speakers, the stands and arena are almost full. The stage area is completely dark with no distinct markings of any kind; no big “the GazettE” logo, nor any other indicator that a large-scale performance is about to take place. Suddenly, the music stops and a man makes an announcement. “The concert is about to start. Please don’t stand on the seats and be careful not to bang your heads when headbanging.” Laughter...

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Acid Black Cherry is Adding Acid Blood to the Mix

Acid Black Cherry is Spinning Off! A big announcement came April 17th from the Acid Black Cherry team. To celebrate ABCs 10th anniversary, they will release a new album and tour! But wait, there’s more! A Spin off brand of ABC will be launched named Acid BLOOD Cherry as they are bringing fresh blood to the mix. Up until now, Yasu has been in charge of all the writing and composing. For this album, Yasu will collaborate with many known names from the Visual Kei world. The artists who will be featured on the album are: HIRO (Libraian / La’cryma Christi), SHUSE (†...

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LIVE REPORT: Smileberry – 3rd Oneman Tour “HARU NO EGAO DAISAKUSEN” [Shibuya REX] – March 12th

  In a small clubhouse in Shibuya, one band is set to make the world sparkle and smile. Smileberry, a relatively new band hailing from Osaka started their oneman tour in Tokyo. The members, Motoki (vocals), Paru (guitar), Ritsu (guitar), Yuna (bass) and Charlie (drums) are on a mission. Their concept is “Super Smile Rock !! – crybaby extermination” and they take it very seriously. This concert was extra special as it coincided with Charlie’s birthday! This ended up being not only a happy coincidence but the concert’s theme; even the stage was set up to represent that with...

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