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REIGN new single release

REIGN will release their 10th single on the 7th of June titled COBALT, which will be released in 2 types. Limited Edition 3 tracks + DVD ¥2,100-(tax out) Tracklist: 1.VENOM 2.Death marY 3.MOON CHILD DVD: VENOM MUSIC CLIP+OFF SHOT Regular version 3 tracks ¥1,500-(tax out) Tracklist: 1.VENOM 2.Death marY 3.MOON CHILD   You can view the PV for VENOM on YouTube:  ...

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LUNA SEA to hold a 2 day concert

For those in Japan, how do you plan on spending your Christmas? If you’re a fan of LUNA SEA, we have some good news for you! The band has announced their Christmas concert special, HOLY NIGHT. This will span over two nights, and fans are able to enjoy the holiday season with the band at Saitama Super Arena. Fanclub members can apply for the ticket lottery until 5th July 2017, while general admission tickets are on sale from the 30th September 2017.   HOLY NIGHT Live Schedule: 2017.12.23 Saitama Super Arena OPEN 3:30 pm / START 5:00 pm 2017.12.24 Saitama Super...

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  In celebration of MUCC’s 20th anniversary they’ve announced a series of events showcasing their theme of ‘20’. So far 15 announcements have been made including a new album, two “Best Of” compilations, and a tour DVD. A Spring tour and a two-day tour final are also a part of this wonderful celebration. On the final day of the tour, excitement and love filled the venue as fans filed in and took their places. A buzzing of anticipation filled the air as the lights darkened without warning. Spotlights of green, blue, red and white spiralled across the crowd and...

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RAZOR New Single and Tour Announcement

The young band with well-known members, RAZOR, has announced their second single.  It will be released on the 2nd August this year. It is titled LIQUID VAIN and comes in two types: Type A CD+DVD ¥1,800 (without tax) Type B CD only ¥1,500 (without tax) They have also announced a new tour, 「THE LIQUID DIPLOMACY」 which is scheduled on the following dates: 2017.08.04 DUCE SAPPORO 2017.08.05 DUCE SAPPORO 2017.08.09 Yokohama BAYSIS 2017.08.10 Kashiwa ThumbUp 2017.08.13 Sendai MACANA 2017.08.18 Nishikawaguchi Hearts 2017.08.26 Nagoya CLUB UPSET 2017.08.27 Osaka VARON 2017.08.29 Fukuoka DRUM SON 2017.08.31 Hiroshima CAVE-BE 2017.09.02 Shizuoka Sunash 2017.09.08 Okayama IMAGE...

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