Author: Jessica Canavan

Interview: LapLus

LapLus is a new visual kei band formed by former DIV member Satoshi. They released their digital mini album “HAKUMEI” on March 7th and just recently performed their debut live at Takanobaba AREA on April 8th. We would like to introduce this band and members to everyone through an exclusive TBP interview! — Please introduce yourselves. – Hello, I’m yuki, the vocalist. – Hi, I’m Takuya on guitar. – Hello. I’m Ryuichi on bass. – Hi, I’m satoshi on drums. — LapLus is a very unique name. What where the origins for this band name?                        yuki: It comes from the physicist, Pierre-Simon Laplace....

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BABYMETAL Guitarist Mikio Fujioka Passes Away at Age 36

On January 5th, 2018 Mikio Fujioka, one of the guitarist for the heavy metal idol band BABYMETAL, passed away. He was only 36 years old and he is survived by a wife and two daughters. Fuijioka was born on January 19th, 1981 in Hyougo Prefecture and worked as a guitarist and song writer. His debut album was TRICK DISC, which was released in 2007. In 2013 he joined BABYMETAL as a support guitarist. His cause of death was announced on his Twitter page on January 9th. It reads: “Obituary Notification – Guitarist Mikio Fujioka was star gazing on December...

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More Than Just Aokigahara: The Many Issues Surrounding Logan Paul

Warning: This article contains videos and written content that deal with suicide. No footage from Paul Logan’s Aokigahara vlog is shown. Many of the videos in this article also contain adult/mature language. The first major story to hit the internet and ring in 2018 has been the incident surrounding Logan Paul, a famous Youtuber, and the Aokigahara Forest in Japan. Logan Paul started off as a Viner (someone who posted videos on the short-form video hosting service known as Vine). The hosting service was shut down in 2016 and many of the famous Viners on the service moved over...

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It was a cold and slightly windy Monday night, but it did not stop fans of the GazettE from gathering outside of the Toyosu PIT venue. Most were in black GazettE T-shirts, and some in full-out Halloween costumes. As fans made their way into the venue, a red flood light lit the room and the title of the live “Halloween Night 17, The Dark Horror Show, Spooky Box 2” was splashed across the drawn curtains of the stage in a bloody font. As the lights went out and the sound of echoing footsteps filled the venue the curtains were...

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