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Acid Black Cherry is Adding Acid Blood to the Mix

Acid Black Cherry is Spinning Off! A big announcement came April 17th from the Acid Black Cherry team. To celebrate ABCs 10th anniversary, they will release a new album and tour! But wait, there’s more! A Spin off brand of ABC will be launched named Acid BLOOD Cherry as they are bringing fresh blood to the mix. Up until now, Yasu has been in charge of all the writing and composing. For this album, Yasu will collaborate with many known names from the Visual Kei world. The artists who will be featured on the album are: HIRO (Libraian / La’cryma Christi), SHUSE (†...

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LIVE REPORT: Smileberry – 3rd Oneman Tour “HARU NO EGAO DAISAKUSEN” [Shibuya REX] – March 12th

  In a small clubhouse in Shibuya, one band is set to make the world sparkle and smile. Smileberry, a relatively new band hailing from Osaka started their oneman tour in Tokyo. The members, Motoki (vocals), Paru (guitar), Ritsu (guitar), Yuna (bass) and Charlie (drums) are on a mission. Their concept is “Super Smile Rock !! – crybaby extermination” and they take it very seriously. This concert was extra special as it coincided with Charlie’s birthday! This ended up being not only a happy coincidence but the concert’s theme; even the stage was set up to represent that with...

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Setting Sun, Rising Voices – The Women’s March in Tokyo

On January 21st, 2017 an estimated 3.6 million to 4.5 million individuals across America marched and rallied in the Women’s March. The main event took place in Washington, D.C., but there were sister marches and rallies in major and minor cities all across the U.S. There were also sister marches on all seven continents, in roughly 80 countries, and in every major city across the globe. The first steps of the global Women’s March movement, which stood in solidarity with the Women’s March in Washington D.C., was taken on the night of January 20th at the gates of Hibiya Park in Chiyoda Prefecture. As the sun began to rise on Donald Trump’s inauguration day in America, marchers standing in unity for women’s rights and democracy took to the streets of Tokyo. The Women’s March in Hibiya Park was blended together with the DAJ (Democrats Abroad Japan) Candlelight March in appreciation for the Obama Administration and all of the progress that was made under it. Despite the forecast for rain and the bitterly cold weather, there were 648 people present between the two marches. This was a number that far surpassed the expected 150 participants. The organizers of the two marches were ecstatic and the Japanese police took the unexpected increase in marchers in stride. As the marchers waited for the event to begin, there was a nervous happiness throughout...

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PLASTICZOOMS is the new self-titled second album of the band PLASTICZOOMS, formed in 2007, and is made up of band members Sho Asakawa (vocals), Tom Takanashi (guitar and synthesizer), and Jun Yokoe (bass and synthesizer). The album was released on January 11th and consists of 10 hypnotic tracks that will drag you into another world. The album begins with Frontal Attack, a song that launches its listeners into a space odyssey with its heavy use of synthesizers, which creates a variety of spacey and otherworldly like sounds. The lack of lyrics, and the minimalistic nature of the ones that...

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LIVE REPORT: SuG – “Past VERSUS Present” [Toyosu PIT] December 30th, 2016

session_w660 result_w660 gokusai_takeru_w660 gokusai_shinpei_w660 gokusai_masato_w660 gokusai_all_w660 gokuaku_yuji_w660 gokuaku_takeru_w660 gokuaku_chiyu_w660 gokuaku_all_w660 encore_yuji_chiyu_w660 encore_takeru_w660 encore_masato_shinpei_w660   SuG is a visualkei band that was formed in 2006 and consists of five members: Takeru (vocalist), Yuji (guitarist), Masato (guitarist), Chiyu (bass), and Shinpei (drums). All five of these men are extremely talented and I found that this concert did an excellent job of truly showcasing those talents. The crowd of people that forms outside of a concert venue can really tell you a lot about the singer or band who will be performing. When I arrived at Toyosu PIT for SuG’s concert, I...

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