Author: Miko Suzahiru

Monthly Treasure: Zwei

Members Vocals: Ayumu Bass: Megu Background In the spring of 2002, Pineal’s bassist Megu met the vocalist of Cherry Feel, Ayumu, at a live show and asked her to join a new band she was creating. Ayumu agreed and the next year they signed a record deal with VAP. June 2003 was the official debut of the duo called Zwei. The band’s name is German for “two” and are produced by British producer Nick Wood, which explains the European influence in their sound. Their music is often described as a mixture of Japanese pop and UK rock. Their lyrics...

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Monthly Treasure: SiM

Members MAH – vocals SHOW-HATE – guitars, keyboards, backing vocals SIN – bass guitar, backing vocals GODRi – drums, backing vocals Background In November 2004, MAH founded Silence iz Mine—a three piece band with MAH as vocalist and guitarist, KAH as bassist, and way as drummer. In 2008 and 2009, the band shortened its name to SiM. They solidified their member formation with SHOW-HATE taking the guitar role from MAH and SIN and GODRi filling in for bass and drums respectively. SiM brings a unique brand of rebellious lyrics and an in your face attitude with their sound. They stand out from other Japanese...

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Jrock Vault: The Subscription Box For Your Jrock Needs

TreasureBox PRESS is proud to present a sneak peek of a new service for Japanese rock fans, Jrock Vault! We recently received a beta box for review and to give you information on Jrock Vault. What is Jrock Vault? Jrock Vault is a bimonthly subscription box service that introduces new bands and artists to fans of Japanese rock and visual kei. Each box features a different artist every other month. Packaging Upon receiving the crate, it was nice to see the care and pride Jrock Vault has for their sturdy and multi-purpose box. The aim for the box is...

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This Month’s Treasure is Yumeleep – A Visual Kei Band of the New Generation

Welcome to TreasureBox PRESS’ first Monthly Treasure! In this series, we will cover bands and artists who catch our attention, and present them to you at the beginning of each month. This month, we would like to present Yumeleep! Members Vocals: Makuranemu Guitar: Tamate Bass: Omochi Drums: Urara Background Yumeleep is a fairly new visual kei band that formed in early 2017 after the disbandment of melvel. Three members of melvel recruited bassist Omochi and drummer Urara. They were briefly known as nightmare syndrome, then changed their name to Yumeleep. The band’s concept is “sleep talk” and often wear pastel...

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Life After Deluhi: Where Are They Now?

Members Vocals: Juri Guitar: LEDA Bass: Aggy Drums: Sujk DELUHI was a young prominent band in the visual kei scene from January 2008 to July 2011. They made great strides with metalcore and hard rock sounds, passionate delivery, and high energy. Formally known as GRAVE SEED until their final lineup, LEDA immediately began composing materials for their very well received debut album, SURVELLIANCE, and eventually became the main songwriter for the band. The band’s library includes 12 singles and 4 albums and mini-albums. By December 2010, the band decided to go on hiatus, but ultimately ended up disbanding. So...

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